Armed Mobs attacked a Christian community in Jaranwala, pakistan, on 16 August 2023.
So many Churches and homes were burnt and vandalised. Women and Children were evacuated. Our Muslim fellows were with us. They protested with us and demanded equally Justice for us.
I also think that all the religions should be respected and no one have the right to humiliate. We are all humans and humanity is the 1st religion..

So The Seek Foundation Visited Jaranwala on 20th August 2023.
I don’t know how to express my feelings. Another sad incident in the history of humanity.
I felt how distressed the people were, how much trouble they were in, I’m crying from inside. Bibles and Churchs were burnt even whole area, They are homeless but residing in some government school.

I’ll be visiting the place again with my team and we’ll try our best to do whatever possible we could.

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