The Seek Institute of Success

About The Seek Institute of Success

The Seek Institute of Success” project by The seek foundation.
we are giving free education for the kids of bricks kiln workers, and for those who want to study but due to some financial issues they are not able to achieve their goals. Our mission is to give them free education, through this, they can earn their own and get out of slavery.

The seek Institute of Success is providing free education to the children. Being a Founder i have a mission or a reason for this institute. I want to give them a chance of a good career and get out of slavery..Not only this, it will lead to good status in society, self confidence,enables them to know the difference of right and wrong, it develops the capability to fight against injustice,violence, corruption and many other bad elements in the society.. having education help them to learn morals, manners and ethics.

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